Koolpin Gorge (Jarrangbarnmi) is located in a remote section of Kakadu National Park.

Experience the spectacular beauty and pristine remoteness of Jarrangbarnmi in Kakadu’s southern rock country.  Rare flora and fauna abound amongst the waterholes, cascades and rocky cliffs.  This culturally significant region is one of Kakadu’s hidden gems!

The name Jarrangbarnmi comes from the Jawoyn words jarrang meaning flood, or big water flow, and barn meaning rift or gap.  On exploring the area, it will become evident of the appropriate naming of the landscape.

Jarrangbarnmi is a culturally sensitive area and of significant importance to the Jawoyn people (local Bininj).  Their creation ancestor, Bula, formed the impressive landscape.  Visitors are asked to respect the important sites within Buladjang (“Sickness”) country.

Jarrangbarnmi (Koolpin Gorge) is a restricted access area with a limit of 40 people a day allowed to visit the area at any one time.

Independent travellers and tour operators have the opportunity to access the region on a Permit basis.  As such, access is granted on a ‘first in’ request based upon already previously allocated dates and visitor numbers.

Kakadu 4WD Safaris hold a special licence for Casual access to Koolpin Gorge.

Koolpin Gorge - Upper Pool

This photo of Koolpin Gorge is courtesy of TripAdvisor

This means we can take you there on a private charter tour that has been planned and booked well in advance.

So if you want to really escape the crowds and enjoy a remote 4WD, walking and swimming experience, then contact us as soon as possible to organise your private tour!

We have a range of charter options available from, 1 Day within the Park to 7 Days complete touring from Darwin.

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