Terms and Conditions

Kakadu 4WD Safaris reserves the right to change the itinerary at any time without notice and arrange alternative carriers if necessary.


Kakadu 4WD Safaris strongly advises all passengers to have Personal Travel Insurance.
No liability can be taken in case of sickness or injury while on tour.
Kakadu 4WD Safaris accepts no responsibility for any personal injury or loss arising from any situation while in the care of Kakadu 4WD Safaris.
By embarking on this adventure you the passenger agree to undertake all adventures and activities at your own risk.

Cancellation Policy

Kakadu 4WD Safaris has a 100% cancellation fee for all cancellations made within 72 hours (3 days) prior to departure.
Cancellations inside 7 days – 72 hours will incur a 75% cancellation fee.
Cancellation Inside 8-30 days will incur a 50% cancellation fee.
Outside 30 days full refund is given.
Cancellations for bookings paid by credit card will incur a $30 fee.
Due consideration will be given to amending this policy for any extenuating circumstances that requires cancellation.
Tours booked via an agent will be advised to contact your agent if you need to cancel your tour.  Additional fees may apply.
Failure to board constitutes No Refund.
Once journey has commenced, there will be no refund in the case of removal or failure to complete journey.
If due to unforeseen circumstances Kakadu 4WD Safaris has to cancel a tour, customers will be provided with an alternate departure option, an alternate tour operator or if requested a full refund will be given.

Customer Waiver:

By purchasing a ticket to participate in a tour with Kakadu 4WD Safaris I understand that the Kakadu 4WD Safaris tour may include the following:

  •  Wildlife Cruise on motor boat
  • Swimming in designated swimming areas within Kakadu National Park
  • Walking along rough, uneven, rocky surfaces and climbing up steep rock and cliff paths
  • Walking in hot, tropical conditions
  • Camping in tents in designated campgrounds within Kakadu National Park
  • I understand that it is my responsibility to have a good level of physical fitness in order to undertake this tour
  • I understand that cool drinking water is provided by the operators of Kakadu 4WD Safaris and it is my responsibility to keep up my levels of hydration whilst on the tour.
  • I accept all the inherent risks of the proposed tour and I acknowledge that my enjoyment and excitement in undertaking the tour is derived in part from the inherent risks involved.
  • I release Kakadu 4WD Safaris, its directors, operators, guides, employees, agents and representatives for any and all liability for any personal injury, property damage or loss that I may suffer as a result of my participation in this tour.
  • I certify that I am physically capable of participating in this tour and will advise Kakadu 4WD Safaris of any medical conditions or needs prior to commencement of the tour.
  • I accept that any judgements or decisions made by any Kakadu 4WD Safaris staff as to my ability to participate in any activities and subsequent actions to remove or refuse to carry any persons is done so in the best interests of all parties concerned.