Making a decision on which kakadu tour to do is hard!

There seems to be so many choices, or is there?

One of the harder decisions is also whether to just do a Kakadu only tour or one that also includes Litchfield.  

Here is a few tips to help you decide.

Kakadu and the NT is a BIG place! On a 3 Day Kakadu tour, you will do around 950km of travelling, compared to about 1250km on a 3 Day Kakadu/Litchfield tour! So that’s about 3.5 hours of extra driving or ‘lost’ time that could be spent delving deeper into Kakadu!

If you do choose a Kakadu/Litchfield combination tour, make sure it is one that does minimal backtracking. Some tours zig-zag back and forth all over the place wasting time retracing previously travelled sections meaning more lost time!

Check the Itinerary content – Will you actually be visiting the places you want to see?  Due to time constraints, some tours have dropped key iconic destinations such as Twin Falls off their Kakadu/Litchfield combination tours.